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About me

I am a recent graduate of UNC Charlotte with B.A. degrees in Communications Studies (public relations with a certificate in International Public Relations) and Dance, Performance, and Theory. Throughout my college career I had the opportunity to intern with the Henderson County Tourism Development Authority, as well as do public relations for Florence University of the Arts while studying abroad. I also served as president of MOVE Dance Alliance. Each of these experiences have greatly contributed to my leadership, writing, and communications skills as an emerging PR and communications professional. I am currently seeking full-time opportunities.


Long term, I hope to become a published author or full-time travel writer. In the meantime, I enjoy working on my blog, where I like to share and explore my creative interests.

Hypothetical client

For my Public Relations Writing class, we had to create a hypothetical client to curate and develop content for. I chose to create a company called Able Group Travel. The goal of this company was to provide niche-specific travel opportunities in a way that would better connect local culture and mainstream tourism.

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