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News Release

In my PR Writing class, I wrote a news release that aimed to promote a new service my hypothetical company launched: a literary themed trip. This news release introduces and overviews the trip details, which is aimed at literature aficionados and is communicated through a media channel. Overall, it highlights the destinations and activities for the tour. 

Media Alert

For this class assignment, I wrote a media alert promoting the launch of a new line of specialty suitcases. The event is hosted by a hypothetical brand ambassador and communicated via email. The purpose is to alert the media and pique interest in the event's product demonstration, keynote speaker and drawing for a suitcase set. 

Blog Post

This blog post highlights five undiscovered destinations in Australia, as "off the beaten path" destinations have become a travel trend in the last few years. Additionally, the more casual style of blogging allows readers to access information in a simple and enjoyable way. The overall purpose of this post is to hypothetically increase website traffic and tour bookings for my company. The communication channel is the company website.

Reactive Pitch

This reactive pitch was a class assignment for PR Writing. It was hypothetically intended to be a query response to Bustle writer, Jessica Booth, who was seeking someone with travel expertise and knowledge of Japan. The aim was to secure an interview with an Able Travel "employee." The key messages supported this employee and circled back to services my company provides. The communication channel is through the media. 


In my PR Writing class, I created a flyer using Canva. The purpose of this was to communicate a larger message with the support of my hypothetical client. In the graphic, my company urges travelers to be more eco-conscious. This is intended for all travelers and is using a direct-to-consumer communication channel. The key messages communicate the impact plastic consumption has on the oceans, how people can make a difference by being eco-conscious and can utilize the "one bag of trash per trip" strategy.

Fact Sheet

For this class assignment, I developed a fact sheet that answers common or preliminary questions clients may ask. This is communicated via a media channel and intended for first-time travelers or those looking to book a trip. This fact sheet reiterates the preparedness of the company and gives clients an idea of what to expect.

Social Media Editorial

Here, I produced a social media editorial that lays out five posts across three of four different platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Each post follows a theme or trend such as #traveltuesday or an Italy travel guide. The targeted audience changes with each post in order to specify the message. Overall, the posts interact with the audience by asking questions or offering shared pictures to be featured on social media accounts. Graphics were developed through Canva and all photos are my own.

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