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The Underrated Years

In life, we tend to highlight the chapters that are loud and vibrant, or dark and devastating. We focus so much on the parts of our lives that make a commotion that we often forget the moments that pass quietly and gently.

It’s all or nothing, black or white, best or worst.

But what about all those chapters in between?

As I comb back through old photos, I remind myself of the underrated years, the ones that just happened—without drama or heartache, but instead with the kind of natural happiness that only comes from being simply content.

It’s not that the highs and lows aren’t worth mentioning—they are. They’re the ones that inspire us and challenge us to really live. But among all those extremes, there are moments worth holding onto.

It’s easy to remember milestones and holidays, but it’s harder to remember inside jokes that made you and your friends keel over with laughter at 1am. It’s easy to remember big trips to exciting locations, but it’s harder to recall the plane rides that took you there.

And while so many of us set out to lead exciting, colorful lives, it’s important to not become so distracted with the search that you miss out on life altogether.

Shoot for the stars, yes, but appreciate the moments when your feet are still calmly planted on the ground.

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