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Be Your Own Author

So often, we look for our feelings, thoughts, and experiences in other peoples’ words. It’s why we scroll through quotes on Pinterest and listen too intently to song lyrics. It’s why I underline sentences in books and replay songs on a loop.

We search for our missing pieces in other peoples’ puzzles, just hoping we can scrap together anything that makes us feel closer to what we think we want (and often disregarding what we need). There’s nothing wrong with identifying with others’ words, it just means the human experience is all the more universal.

But I’ve decided recently that I need to start being my own author. I’ve been too busy looking for myself in other people that I’ve stopped looking inwards and identifying what my experiences are for me. I know how I feel and what I want to say. It’s just a matter of saying it out loud...or at least, on paper. It’s about becoming your own writer.

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