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Turning words on a page into

Writing that tell a story.

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What I do:

Hi, I’m Lea Rose, a freelance writer with 2+ years of experience. I write for companies who aim to make a difference–in big ways and small. I specialize in travel and lifestyle writing but branch out into topics like education and health & wellness. Simply put, if your company believes in inspiring others and making a positive impact, I want to work with you.

What I offer:

  • Travel Articles

  • Lifestyle Blog Posts + Other Topics

  • Content Creation

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Who I've Worked With

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"She has created amazing content for the blog that required little to no oversight from me, which as a small business owner where time and energy are commodities, I can tell you, was invaluable to my business model."

- Nadia Ibrahim-Taney from Beyond Discovery Coaching
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